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Christen Hong Coaching

My calling is helping people get in touch with their inner power, releasing their internalized trauma, finding direction and improving their circumstances.  I can offer a structured path to jumpstart your inspiration and lead you toward your dreams.  Through specialized techniques, goal identifying, accountability and personalized plans I seek to offer you relief so you can live a life you love.

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About Me

In March of 2020, as the COVID-19 pandemic forced the world I had known to a sudden halt, I was laid off from my job.  I had spent a large amount of my adult life, some 10 years or so, working for an Austin institution in its teenage stage of life - a company that had a reputation of being hip and fun but was facing great growing pains internally.  I was on a path towards total burn out - taking on the workload of multiple people, serving on advisory boards, training, planning conferences, being on-call on weekends and late nights, and more.  I hadn't taken any time off in 2019, traveling only on work trips, feeling responsible for an imaginary domino effect of things that would go wrong if I wasn't there to catch them.  I was overextended, but because all the people I was working with were overextended too I felt obligated to keep running on empty, and doing it with a smile.  So when the pandemic forced everything to shut down, instead of feeling scared or worried, I felt a sense of relief.

I feel fortunate to have started my personal spiritual practice at a relatively young age. For the better part of two decades I've been growing my awareness of my powerful inner nature, and my ability to stay in tune with it.  Through an experiential process of trial and error, I've learned to place greater and greater trust in the universe and my place in it.   I made a pact with myself at the beginning of the pandemic, when everyone's life was turned upside down, that I would unwaveringly trust in the process that was unfolding. Instead of allowing fear of the unknown to overwhelm me, I placed my focus on working on my inner issues. I addressed the thoughts that ran through my head whenever I felt anxiety rise up through my body, and discovered ways to channel them, to release them.  I began to address the pain points in my life that I didn't want to face, and that were then taking up residence in my bones.  To my relief and surprise, many of the things I'd been afraid to address no longer had their hold over me once I brought them to light. I felt freer than I ever had before, and I'm so grateful to have been given the gift of space: the space I needed to address my mental health and focus on my healing journey.


As I focused on my health I made the decision to quit drinking. Refreshingly, I've found the absence of it in my life to be a real source of joy and power for me. I get better sleep, I have clearer thinking, and I've become more in touch with my intuition. Instead of drinking to numb the information overload, the constant extraneous chatter being sent to our screens and our senses all the time, I find myself increasingly able to  disconnect more easily from the noise, and find peace in the present moment. With a clearer mind, I noticed feelings and messages beginning to pop up and assert themselves. They guided me toward what I'm now sure is my true calling: helping people uncover their own passion and power.


I realized the strengths I've had all my life were the ones that I needed to focus upon and draw from: understanding and empathizing with others, and engaging them with patience from a position of non-judgement. I found I was already helping people around me to work and focus on their feelings to improve their situations.  I was introduced to the term Light Worker - a person whose purpose is to help raise the collective vibration, and that deeply resonated with me. I realized it was something I had been doing unconsciously for most of my life.



I have always been able to improve the energy of situations I've been in, and I believe it is my duty to share this power to help people.  I believe that every single living person out there is dealing with unresolved trauma, trauma that lives in the body, and most of us are not addressing it.  Through proven techniques like EFT (tapping), we can work to relieve this trauma and remove the obstacles to our happiness. Doing the work is hard, but it can be deeply rewarding.  Regardless what level of your healing journey you're on, I can offer guidance and assistance towards a joyous path.  If you are open to change and want to start living more consciously, I am here for you.  Book a session with me and together we can help you find and follow your calling.

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